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Becoming an Artist


Theresa Jackson, also known as TJ, is a cerebral palsy and disability artist and YouTube creator. Through her art, she brings awareness to the unique experience of living with a disability. Her artwork is created through a combination of traditional painting techniques along with digital art.
TJ's goal is to spread the message of acceptance and inclusivity of all people, regardless of physical or mental abilities. She is an advocate for disability rights, and her art gallery serves as a platform to showcase her work and share her story. Visit TJ's ART GALLREY to explore her artwork and learn more about her inspiring journey.
Theresa Jackson, also known as TJ, the disability artist extraordinaire! TJ is a YouTube creator with Cerebral Palsy and Type 1 Diabetes who documents her life living with a disability. Through TJ's Art Gallery, she celebrates the struggles and successes of life in a way that is both empowering and inspiring.

Despite the challenges that she faces on a daily basis, she has always been passionate about sketching. Theresa has been sketching since 2018. Theresa shares her life challenges with a disability and her artwork with the world through her YouTube and TikTok channels.
Through Theresa's art, she aims to be an inspiration to those living with disabilities and want to show everyone that, with a bit of passion and determination, you can achieve anything. I invite you to follow Theresa on her journey and discover the world of art through Theresa's eyes.

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Theresa Jackson artist in her wheelchair presenting herself for the audiance for her website  in her house in Surrey smiling
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