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Introduction about an amazing Artist with disabilities diabetes

Updated: Sep 3

Hello, my name is Theresa Jackson I am 24 years old, and I have Cerebral Palsy and type 1 diabetes. And I am a professional sketch Artist and YouTube creator, educating people on disabilities and diabetes. Making the world of education of disabilities and diabetes accessible to people all over the world.

I live in Wallington Surrey UK. And I am the founder and going to be an amazing art project in a care company where I live. Enabling disability artists to come together and get recognised for who they are as an artist. And to get a reputation and showcase their artwork across the world and ability of disability artists to create one masterpiece at a time.

I am a professional sketch artist and I have just recently just started up a YouTube where I show and teach people with disabilities and just ordinary people so they can get inspired too. Also, I have a website which is called TJ’S ART GALLERY where I showcase my artwork and where people can buy my artwork.

I wanted to become an because I really love art because you can express yourself through the wonder of art. Art is a big part of me and my life as it is to the rest of the world. The joys of being an artist is a blessing by God's grace really and truly. Though I do not go or take part in church, I still believe that God has given me a blessing to become an artist and an educational and YouTube creator.

I started drawing when I did level 1 art and design back in college back in 2016-2017, then during lock down I decided to become a professional artist, so I made my website and ever since then I have been drawing. I also have been posting my social media art pages which I have created to showcase my drawings and to promote myself as an artist, I am a sketch artist, so I draw things like animals, buildings portraits and many more, I have also started doing some digital art in late 2022. Drawing helps me with my mental health on a day-to-day basis despite my physical health I still make time to do my artwork and determent to carry on being a professional artist because I put my mind and all into achieving my goal of becoming a professional and big artist.

My YouTube channel officially got going this year, but I started creating it in 2021 but I forgot about it. It, was not until at the beginning of this year that I have started recording video once a week,

The only thing is that it takes a long time to prep and record videos but once I have uploaded one, I do get the sense of joy, happiness and achievement and I want to do more.

I think the way I could get better at this is that I will be making a set timetable for when I prep and record for my videos, so I don’t book anything for that day. Also,

I would inform whoever is working with me that day that I will be recording, and they will not come into my flat for an hour or two so I can put my mind to making my video.

I would like to make more awareness to making more disabled artists known and that we make ourselves into something if we put our mind to what it is that we want to be in life.

My aims and ambitions are to start my own charity one day. So that disability artists can be able to get recognition for their artwork paying an extremely without a large amount of money to exhibit their work. And for disability artists to all come together to share their experiences with one another.

The reason that I wanted to run this project called art & possibilities is because I would like to bring all the talented artists together to showcase and bring out some incredible artwork that people will not have seen before. And to also help other residents across Consensus who would like to become an artist but don’t know where to start or is too afraid to come out because they might not think that their artwork is good enough. This is going to be an amazing opportunity in Consensus for all residents and services to come together and be creative as one big family to create one masterpiece at a time.

Art & Possibilities will be launching in our company later in 2023 and is going to be an exhibition that will shine a spotlight on the incredible artists with disabilities in Consensus, featuring 50 to 100 pieces created by all talented people across consensus. If you are a creative and arty person, then this is the project for you. This wonderful and unique project and event will set out to break down barriers and to encourage residents like me and other artists in consensus to get involved in the wonder of art.

Weather it is intricate painting to contemporary sketches, this fabulous and spectacular exhibition will showcase the unlimited potential of disabled artists with pieces of artwork that tells a story of creation. Authenticity and resilience and often, and just simply having the joy of being creative and artistic.

The aim for this art project is to transform perceptions, amplify disabled artists voices to be able and to promote exclusivity in the world of art, and celebrate the diversity and talented artists.

As a long-term goal with the Art & Possibilities project in Consensus is that I would like to make this project a yearly thing if we get enough people taking part then I would like to make this a summer or winter project every year. This would mean that if anyone who doesn't feel comfortable showing their artwork or didn’t get there in time, then they can have a change the following year.

My long-term goal is to one day have my own charity for disabilities artists that can provide help and support for artists who would like to get their artwork known and to get out in public without spending a large amount of money.

And I would like to give disability artists somewhere that they can seek help, advice, share ideas and support from other disabilities artists. And maybe we can do some small group projects together as a team, so we create one masterpiece at a time with being in each other's company as we get creative. And just maybe we could have and gain some new connections and get inspired by other disabilities artists from across the world.

Join me Theresa Jackson as we raise public awareness of people with disabilities that has artistic talents, celebrate the talents of people living in services and to spread the joy and improvement of well being through sharing our artwork with one another.

Theresa in her wheelchair
Theresa Jackson Artist and YouTube

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